Boards in Uncertain Times

The Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Missouri at Kansas City and Nonprofit Quarterly will host their bi-annual conference on nonprofit governance 23-24 April 2009 at the Marriott Country Club Plaza Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri.  For information and registration:

This is always an excellent conference and we encourage you to consider this as a means of learning about the most current thinking about nonprofit board issues.   This is a conference that includes practitioners and researchers in a very productive and healthy environment.

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University of Montana Nonprofit Administration Program

Russ had the opportunity to meet with the Nonprofit Advisory Committee at the University of Montana’s Civic Engagement Office on April 8th.  He spoke to the Committee about the advantages of membership in the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council. 

Under the direction of Dr. Andrea Vernon, Uof M has developed a substantial program in nonprofit administration.  Congratulations on the development of a solid new program in this field.

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Communicating Your Organization’s Culture to Job Candidates

We continually strive to build a strong, ethical culture within our organizations, but are we ready on day one?  How well do we articulate our values and share our culture during the hiring process and during those first critical weeks of orientation?

Guidestar provides an excellent model for framing values and culture every step of the way in the hiring process, from developing the job description to extending an offer.

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Two New Text Books

There are two new text books on the market for nonprofit management students. 

Holland, Thomas P. and Roger A. Ritvo.  Nonprofit Organizations: Principles and Practices.  New York: Columbia University Press.  2008.  ISBN:  978-0-231-13975-5

Worth, Michael J.  Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice.  Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2009.  ISBN:  978-1-4129-3778-8

I am writing a review of these two books for the journal, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.  I will include that reference when the review is published in the coming months.

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Board Roles in Crisis Situations

Here is an interesting article from Philanthropy Journal sent to me by Jack Morgan, ED of Omicron Delta Kappa, the national leadership honor society:

The article by Ret Boney suggests that when times are tough boards must pay close attention to the responsibilities they have at all times.  A downturn in the economy brings more urgency to the work of boards and requires attention to details that may seem less important, and therefore more likely to be ignored, when revenue streams are full.

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New 990 in ’09

Having trouble keeping all those 9s and 0s straight?

The IRS has tightened reporting requirements for nonprofits, and redesigned its Form 990 as part of the process. The Meyer Foundation has prepared an excellent list of resources — including a podcast — to make sure organizations know what they need to do in order to comply with these new procedures.

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Daring to Lead

Daring to Lead is a report produced by Compass Point with important insights on nonprofit executive leadership.

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sector research

According to the Nonprofit Times, revenue in the nonprofit sector fell at the end of 2008 and donors are giving less. Learn more in this article summarizing findings from the Target Analytics Index of National Fundraising Performance.

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meet us!

Russ will attend the Montana Nonprofit Association meeting in Helena, MT, 27-29 September 2010.

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board development

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